Eating eggs without losing nutrition?

There is nothing new to say about the nutritional value of eggs. But we feel problems when we think about which way we should eat eggs. Some say to eat poached eggs to get more nutrients, some say semi-boiled. Now the question is in which way you can eat eggs to enjoy their full nutritional value?

Need to know how many eggs you can eat in a day. First, consult a nutritionist. Excess protein can cause various problems in the body. However, it is true that if the egg is cooked for too long, the nutritional quality of the egg is lost. So, know the exact method of cooking eggs which will get full nutritional value from them-


Half-boiled eggs are best for health. The heat of the fire kills all harmful germs in the egg but also keeps the yolk intact. From which all the nutrients are obtained. A perfect half-boiled egg is usually obtained by boiling the egg in water for four to five minutes. Take the egg out of the hot water and soak it in ice-cold water for a while. Then peeling will be convenient.


The kind of egg poach you eat all the time, it’s not really egg poach, it’s fried eggs. Dim Poach is oil-free and very healthy, but relatively difficult to make. Crack the egg into a bowl, sprinkle some salt and pepper on it, and let the yolk stay intact. Boil water in a large pot with vinegar, carefully drop the egg into it, and shake the water once. The white part will coat the yolk and it will be cooked very quickly, then remove it through a sieve and drain the water. You won’t be able to make the perfect pooch at first, but with practice, the skill will come.

Boiled Eggs:

You can have boiled eggs after boiling them for 8 to 10 minutes in salted water. Everyone can digest it. Egg salad, sandwiches, or curries can also be cooked with boiled eggs. In terms of nutrition, there is not much deficiency, besides, you can take a tiffin box full of egg dishes to school, office, tour everywhere.

If you want, you can eat eggs fried or an omelet. But that’s fine for a full day or half. The longer you expose egg yolks to oxygen and heat, the faster their effectiveness will decrease.