Nutritional properties and benefits of marine fish

Marine fish contain omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, and vitamin D that protect us from many complex diseases. Another healthy aspect of seafood is that it is a very low-calorie food. The taste of marine fish varies from species to species but all marine fish are unique in their nutritional value. The benefits of seafood are endless. Fishes such as Hilsa, Coral, Rupchanda, Baila, Prawns, Phopa, Laitta, and Laikhya are rich in minerals and vitamins. Today’s edition of Bangladesh Journal contains some important information about the nutritional value and benefits of sea fish.

Prevents heart disease

Recent studies have shown that seafood reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure. It plays a good role in the mental and physical development of children and adolescents.

Marine fish contains omega-3 fatty acids that are beneficial for the heart. This fatty acid plays a role in preventing heart disease.

Controls cholesterol levels

Most marine fish contain vitamins A and D, which helps control cholesterol levels. So sea fish is beneficial for heart disease and diabetes patients.

Increases brain power

According to neurologists, when the level of omega-3 fatty acids in the body increases, the ability of certain parts of the brain increases so much that the risk of suffering from diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer’s decreases.

Increases eyesight

Marine fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. And this omega-3 fatty acid plays a special role in improving overall vision by increasing the performance of the retina.

Increases immunity

Marine fish is able to protect the human body from various diseases by meeting the nutritional needs of the human body. It contains zinc and iodine. Zinc boosts immunity and iodine prevents goiter.

To cure joint pain

In rheumatoid arthritis, our joints become painfully swollen. Regular consumption of seafood reduces symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Easily digestible meats

Marine fish meat is easily digestible. Apart from this, it helps in preventing the growth and decay of the body. It is an excellent source of B vitamins. Moreover, marine fish meat and oil help to control body weight.

Useful in diabetes

Diabetics can include sea fish in their diet. This will help them to control this disease.

Moreover, marine fish contains many essential nutrients such as iodine, selenium, zinc, and potassium. Iodine is essential for the thyroid gland, and selenium creates a digestive power that protects us from cancer. Apart from this, selenium acts as an antioxidant in the body and prevents aging.