What happens when you eat yogurt?

A meal is not complete without a little curd at the end. Curd must be on the food list of foodie Bengalis. Yogurt is produced by the bacterial fermentation of milk. Lactic acid converts milk proteins into curds. Eating this nutritious and delicious food will benefit our body in many ways. Sour yogurt plays an important role in keeping the body cool during the hot season.

Yogurt usually contains protein, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. Every 100 grams of yogurt contains energy 257 calories, sugars 4.7, sugar 4.7, fats 3.3 grams, refined carbohydrates 2.1 grams, protein 3.5 grams, vitamins 0.14 mg of, calcium 121 mg of.

Gregor Reid is a microbiologist at the University of Western Ontario and chair of Human Microbiology and Probiotics at the Lawson Health Research Institute.

He claims that eating fermented yogurt increases the number of beneficial bacteria in the stomach or probiotics in the human body and for this reason, our body is safe from harmful chemicals effect.

Benefits of Yogurt:

Eating yogurt regularly reduces excess body fat. Food is easily digested by eating curd. The body does not have a problem digesting food. Digestion is done properly. Improves digestion. Fat cannot accumulate in the body. As a result, there is no fear of getting fat. The body stays healthy. Eating curd in summer keeps the body cool. It is definitely better to eat curd in summer to keep the stomach cool. Eating curd in summer keeps the body cool. It is definitely better to eat curd in summer to keep the stomach cool.

Yogurt can help if you have a headache or migraine problem. Eating a bowl of sour curd mixed with sugar every morning will not cause headaches or migraine pain. It increases the encouragement to work.

Yogurt helps to cure heart problems. If one has heart problems or hypertension then it can be kept normal by eating curd. Eating a bowl of curd every day after lunch is good for the heart. Yogurt reduces cholesterol in the body.

Yogurt in hair care:

Yogurt is best for hair regrowth. If the hair is very dry, applying sour curd on the hair twice a week will make the hair smooth. Reduces dryness. Sour curd can be applied twice a month for hair shine. According to the amount of hair, curd should be applied to the head. When the hair is dry, wash the hair thoroughly with cold water. Moreover, mixing onion juice with curd and applying it to the hair reduces hair loss.

Yogurt in Skin Care:

Yogurt can be used for skin problems. In summer, the skin becomes oily with sweat. Many people have oily skin. Applying yogurt on the face is effective to remove this oily feeling. Mixing curd and gram flour and applying it on the face removes the oiliness of the face. Skin is clean and smooth. Those who have acne will get rid of acne if they apply yogurt regularly.